Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ten Basic Car Maintenance Tips

1. Change the oil regularly. It is an absolute necessity. Many people do not realize that the oil in the engine can become very dirty if it is not changed. Follow the schedule in your car's manual. Clean oil is important for making sure that everything runs smoothly.

2. Rotate the tires as needed. The outer edge of the tire can become worn down over time so the tires need to be rotated. This puts the unworn edge on the outside so that you can get more use out of the tires. Rotating tires as needed can substantially increase how much you get out of them.

3. Look over the belts inside your engine. If they look worn or frayed then it is time to replace them. You can often buy replacement belts at any auto parts store. Look up the right ones for your type of automobile.

4. Check your tire pressure often. If it is too low or too high, it could pose a problem. Keep this level maintained so that your tires last as long as they should. You can easily check this with an inexpensive tire gauge.

5. Make sure that your brake fluid is always well above the line that indicates a healthy minimum. Your brakes are the lifeline of your vehicle, something that you do not want to overlook.

6. Always run the right type of gasoline for your car or truck. The user manual indicates which type is ideal for the best performance possible. It is not wise to ignore this as it is there for a reason. Do what is best for your vehicle.

7. Keep your paint job new and clean by washing your vehicle on a regular basis. Use materials that are made for a car so that you know it is safe for the paint.

8. Waxing your car every few months is recommended for optimum paint protection. The wax creates a protective barrier from dirt and debris. Test various waxes until you find one that you like.

9. Keep your battery clean and check it regularly to ensure that it is maintaining a proper charge. Allowing the battery to get filthy can be problematic.

10. Check your signal and brake lights. It does not take much for them to burn out and you could be driving around without knowing it.



  1. nak tanya sikit,..

    saya bawa kereta Iswara 1.3 Aeroback.
    Mcm ni masalah saya, di ekzos selalu nampak asap keluar time malam,..contohnya sewaktu menunggu lampu isyarat. Bila press minyak sikit,..asap tu pun ikut keluar banyak sikit.
    Tapi time siang,..bila start masa pagi tak ada pun nampak asap begitu banyak.

    Lagipula,..di bahagian sekitar ekzos tu, tiada pula lebihan/percikan minyak yang lekat pada dinding kereta sekitar ekzos.

    Apakah pandangan tuan mengenai masalah saya ini?..perlukah di overhaul,..?
    Saya baru saja tukar timing-belt tahun lepas,..dan kereta tu jarang pakai,

  2. cuba check minyak hitam, minyak hitam ada kurang tak? kalau ada kurang, ni bermakna enjin dah makan minyak hitam dan kena buat overhaul.

    kalau pengurangan minyak hitam tidak ketara atau terlalu sedikit, itu adalah perkara biasa kerana utk enjin yang dah berusia.kalau x overhaul pun x pe asalkan minyak hitam jangan kering.

    kalau asap pada waktu malam sahaja, kemungkinan itu adalah wap air kerana suhu pada waktu malam sejuk.



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