Friday, December 4, 2009

Fuel Saving Methods

-Engine to be in good condition and tuned up
-Spark plugs must be in good condition.
-Regularly serviced, as per recommended intervals.
-Dirty air cleaners restrict air flow into your engine.
-Wheel Alignment & Tyre Pressure
-Wheels must be properly aligned
-Tyre pressures must be correct. Under-inflated tyres will result in poor fuel consumption.
-Wider tyres use more fuel.

-Minimise engine idling
-A running engine in a stationary car gets zero kilometres per litre.
-Do not place foot on clutch (MT)
-Be gentle with your right foot
-Accelerate gently. Excess fuel pumped into the cylinders gets blown out through the exhaust.
-Keep the engine revolutions low; find the ‘sweet spot’ in your engine. (usually around 2,000 rpm)
-Try to keep RPM below 2,000 rpm.
-Minimise ‘lugging’ (rpm too low)
-Anticipate traffic situations, lift off when approaching traffic lights – minimise your braking.
-Get to 4th gear ASAP (AT)
-Driving too slow will cause transmission downshift.
-MT – Get to 5th gear ASAP
-Driving too slow causes ‘lugging’
-Minimise weight
-Do not carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.
-Air-conditioners need fuel
-Run with air-cond off when the weather permits.
-Minimise weight
-Do not carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle.


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