Friday, May 15, 2009

Can Your Car Run RON 95 Octane Fuel?

RON 95 octane fuel will be introduced widely this September and will be replacing RON 92 octane fuel with the price RM1.75/litre which is more RM0.05 compared to the price of RON 92 price nowadays. Starting this 1st September, RON 97 octane fuel will be priced at RM2.00/litre. Goverment will not control the RON 97 price since it will be a premium octane fuel and petrol companies are freely to put any additives on their RON 97 petrols with higher than RM2.00 price per litre. It's your choice to use RON 97 or RON 95 fuel. If you have more money for fuel, you still can use RON 97 fuel.

The question is can your car run RON 95 octane fuel? What will happen to your car engine when it run with RON 95? Maybe your car will knocked heavily with lower octane fuel. You also may need to adjust your engine ignition timing to avoid knocking. If you want to try whether your car can run RON 95 or not, the new RON95 grade fuel is already available at 2 Petronas stations in Putrajaya. My advise is, call your mechanics to seek for their opinion before you try it.

If you know more about this RON 95 issue, drop a comment below...tq


  1. Salam nak tanya..saya guna exora first model..masalah aircond saya skang nii..bila buka aircond no 4 die kuat..tapi dalam mase 10 ke 15 minit sahaja..lepas too angin jadi slow macam bukak no 1..aircond sejuk..gapi angin tetiba jadi slow..ada sape2 tau punca kenapa jadi mcm nii..

  2. slm bro , bro salah tulis nombor hp tu..tu number sy tu

  3. slm bro , bro salah tulis nombor hp tu..tu number sy tu



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